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Reenacting Ohio

Reenactment soldiers present spectators with a vivid tableau: a scene from the Civil War in which an Ohio brigade defends their fort from incoming Rebels. The actors are dressed in period costumes and bearing arms. Advertisements

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See the World up Close With Used Binoculars

Sometimes, you need to get a closer view of things, and you need something to help you do it. This is where binoculars can be of help, but oftentimes the newest brands are just too expensive. That’s why buying a … Continue reading

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Patriotism at its finest: an American soldier decked out in camouflage, with a rifle strapped to his chest. He ponders the distant terrain, proud of his service to his country.

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Things to Look for When Enhancing your Navy Surplus Collection

Old military equipment is widely available at surplus stores, but there is so much available that finding good additions to your collection can be overwhelming. Whether you are an experienced collector or just starting out, it is important to know … Continue reading

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Best of the Bullpups: Top 12 Compact Rifles and Shotguns

Top 12 bullpup compact rifles and shotguns built to dominate in close quarters on duty or at home!… more

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Enhance Your Army Collection With a Used Suit

If you collect army memorabilia, you know that no arsenal is complete without a combat suit. Unfortunately, buying one brand new is highly expensive. However, there are plenty of used models on the market, and purchasing one could fill the … Continue reading

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Military Drummers

Ages ago, American soldiers wore bright red coats with navy cuffs and funny-looking hats. Those uniforms look pretty different from the uniforms worn by American soldiers today. Today’s military doesn’t have drummers anymore, either—not like they used to.

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